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Why we need yet another meeting app?

August 06, 2019

Here is what we have realized while working as part of a large and highly distributed engineering team.

Meetings were not designed for distributed companies

Meetings evolved before the Internet in a physical workspace, when everyone worked in the same time zone and held meetings in conference rooms.

This was a time when top-down decision making was the norm. Intellectual teamwork was managed like construction projects, taking decades.

But that’s not today’s reality. In modern, highly collaborative distributed companies, meetings fail.

They are notoriously time-consuming, unproductive, distracting, and frustrating.

Existing calendar apps are extremely deficient

You have to tell them when to schedule a meeting.

You have to find the best time for everyone.

You have to reschedule if someone cannot make it.

You have to move conflicting meetings to schedule something urgent.

You have to do all the hard work.

The best meeting apps are primitive URLs

These URLs offer only audio and video, which don’t always work.

They don’t have integrated agenda, note-taking, action items or any features that keep meetings on track or stops multitasking.

Recording is a hassle, and automatic transcription is still a dream.

And 20 years after we got Google, we still cannot search meetings.

Distributed teams are in urgent need

Today’s workplace calls for a new meeting productivity app.

An app that makes meetings shorter and reduces their frequency.

An app that eliminates calendar fragmentation and decongests calendars at the company scale.

An app that reduces the fear of missing out that leads to over-inviting.

An app designed for distributed teams from the ground up.

An app that is built by a remote-first team that understands your needs.

The Remeet app that solves it all.

Get in touch for a demo, and experience meetter for yourself

Written by Gene Padaliak
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