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Decentralized all-meets

March 09, 2020

Hi All,

We are happy to announce the release of highly requested and fundamental Remeet change. Now everyone can choose to join all-meets at any day/hour and invite others.

Previously it was only available to the account administrator and didn’t scale well to larger organizations where different teams may prefer to have all-meets at different times. This also allows you to create all-meets with people that share your timezone and only invite those who work at that time (e.g. US-evening all-meets or EU-morning all-meets).

All-meets no longer invite all users by default. People have to be asked to join, or they can self-invited themselves. This doesn’t change how the scheduling works. For meets to happen, people will need to have at least one all-meets in common. In addition, when you create a meet and see “no matching all-meets” error, you can now see who is missing and ask that person to join one of the all-meets.

You should see now “All-meets calendar” button both on the main toolbar, and also when you edit meet scheduling options. This was a massive change for us, and we still have work to do to make it perfect.

We hope we didn’t introduce any major bugs, but please let us know if you notice anything.

Remeet Team

Written by Gene Padaliak
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