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Topic-first meetings for teams

Rewire your distributed team’s communication channels for maximum productivity with a fundamentally new approach to meetings

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Gabe Stein

Head of Product & Operations

“Remeet has profoundly changed how we work, and how we think about work, allowing our team to be more productive, more creative, and get more done in less time. We recently switched to 4-day, 8-hour workweeks, which would not have been possible if we hadn’t already adopted Remeet. Even if you’re not ready to go that far yet, almost every team should try Remeet. Give it a shot. Trust me.”

Christoph Strasen

Chief Technology Officer

“Our makers appreciate how Remeet empowers decentralized collaboration. We generate meeting outcomes faster with fewer people and less time which allows everyone to focus and get more stuff done. I love it and its Slack integration!”

Tobias Schlitt

VP of Engineering

“Remeet helps us to condense scattered synchronization points of an asynchronous company into well-dosed, focused, short meeting slots. It allows us to better divide between focus times and exchange times. In the long run, it helped us to make meetings shorter and more well-documented, and allow us to prepare better (due to taking less time for the actual meeting).”

Erick Feijoo

Chief Operating Officer

“Remeet has allowed us to fully embrace one of our core values: FOCUS. Gone are the days of complicated scheduling and scattered meetings throughout the day. Meetings with a clear purpose and reliable frequency are now the norm — and a true game changer especially for a digital company like ours!”

Andrey Selitsky

Engineering Manager

“We have been using Remeet for more than a year now, and we love it! In our distributed team of 50 people, we allocated two hours per day for meetings, and we rarely use them all — most often, we are good with just one. As a result, everyone has good 6+ hours per day for deep work. Adopting Remeet felt almost like when I tried driving with GPS for the first time.”

Discuss topics in parallel

Many meeting-related rituals are nothing more than bandaids that we use to patch meetings’ faulty, backward nature.

Instead of agenda documents with an array of topics, just let sub-groups discuss topics in parallel.

Discuss more in less time

Most of our meetings today are backward. We first schedule a meeting (often weekly), and then we figure out what to discuss.

With a topic-first approach, you join only relevant topics and can effectively discuss more than five topics with different groups during a single remeet hour.

Everyone comes prepared

When you create a topic, you can indicate which participants need to prepare. Remeet will schedule it automatically, but only after everyone has indicated that they’re ready.

This is much better than the silent start method, as it allows everyone to prepare on their own time.

The more you use it, the more efficient your meetings

Remeet makes everyone well aware of time constraints and automatically transitions everyone from one topic to another which drives the engagement up.

Integrated note-taking, automatic recordings, transcriptions, and instant scheduling of follow-ups make meetings productive and actionable.

70% of meetings on Remeet are just 10 minutes long

Resolve conflict between makers' and managers' schedules

Makers join a single remeet a day, and managers can participate in two or more. Remeet schedules all the topics based on individual availability.

With Remeet makers have a lot more time free of meetings

Ease meeting scheduling across timezones

All the convinient time on the intercetion of timezones occupied by unmovable weekly meetings?

Embrace topic-first meetings and allow Remeet to manage that most precious time for your team.

Remeet helps to schedule meetings across timezones

Replace one of your weekly meetings with a remeet for free

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