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Mute others and recording status notifications

July 19, 2021

Hi there,

We’ve just introduced video conferencing-related improvements: mute others and recording status notifications. If there’s any other functionality that you miss, please let us know.

Mute others

Recently we’ve introduced a sound level indicator so you can see who is creating unintentional noise. Now you can also mute such participants. Hover over participant’s camera, and you’ll see a mute button.

Mute others

When someone mutes your mic Remeet will show a toast notification and will play a “you were muted” voice notification.

Recording status notifications

Remeet will show a toast notification and will also play a voice notification when recording status changes. For example, if someone has started the recording.

Recording notification

Disable voice notifications

You can disable voice notifications in Settings > Meeting > Voice notifications.

Written by Anton Dosov
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