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Video conferencing improvements

Hi there,

We’ve introduced many video conferencing-related improvements over the last several weeks, and we’d like to summarize them in this blog post. If there’s any other functionality that you miss, please let us know.

Adaptive video streaming with VP8 Simulcast

This functionality was previously available as an experiment, and it’s now enabled on all Remeet workspaces by default. To read more about it, check our previous blog post: Adaptive video streaming

Virtual backgrounds / background blur

This is another experimental feature that we introduced back in March: Virtual backgrounds. This week we’ve released major quality and performance improvements, and it’s no longer an experimental feature. Please give it a try and let us know if you experience any issues.

Sound level indicator (experimental)

This is a new experimental feature that helps you see who is talking (or creating noise). Around each participant, you’ll see an animated border that glows with intensity dependent on the sound level.

To try this feature, please ask the administrator of your workspace to enable it in Admin -> Experiments -> Audio level indicator.

Muted participant icon

Now when someone is muted, you’ll see a red muted icon next to the participant’s name.

Screen sharing in 4k resolution

If you have a large display and use it to share IDE with code, then this might be handy. As this isn’t something most users will benefit from, you’ll have to turn it on the call settings.

Hardstop/Leaving/Late indicator improvements

We have redesigned the implementation of hardstop/leaving/late indicators to increase their speed and stability. If you notice any issues with them, please let us know.

Posted by Gene Padaliak
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