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Scheduling meets around conflicting calendar events

April 25, 2021

Historically, Remeet ignored events on external Google/Office365 calendars that conflict with all-meets reservations. This works great for teams adopting the entirety of Remeet’s features at once and moving all of their meetings to Remeet. But if your team is adopting Remeet gradually, you may greatly benefit from more flexibility.

Meets scheduled around conflicting calendar events

When this feature is enabled, you’ll see that accepted events on your calendar that conflict with all-meets will trigger Remeet to reschedule them around to avoid conflicts.

Here’s how it may look like before the all-meets (the manually created event is in orange):

reservation conflicting with all-meets

This is how it looks right after Remeet has finalized the schedule (this occurs 15 minutes before the start of the all-meets):

finalized all-meets reservation

As you can see, three meets were scheduled around the event on the calendar.

Only accepted (you responded as Yes) events will have an impact on Remeet scheduling.

NOTE: This is currently an experimental feature and has to be enabled by your account administrator.

Partial availability visualization

When someone else is partially available due to external events (or all-meets acceptance settings), you’ll see a clock icon where red represents the time blocked on the external calendar, and green indicates the time available for the meet on Remeet.

partial availability

You’ll also see the blocked time intervals on the upcoming screen in-between meets:


Taking a week off?

You can also use this feature to make yourself unavailable on Remeet when you take a vacation. To do so, you can create an out-of-office appointment, and all the meets will be automatically postponed until you are back.

Written by Gene Padaliak
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