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Team availability visualization

One of Remeet’s key features is that it schedules topics based on the availability of participants, but there’s always a possibility that some combinations of people may not have common remeet hours. In those situations, you’ll see something like this:

cannot schedule a topic because of availability

Now you can click on “Check availability” and see the detailed availability of all the participants. You will see when every person is busy with urgent topics, blocked by conflicting events scheduled outside of Remeet, or free to be scheduled in a new topic.

datailed availability of the participants

What do you do if the participants you need have misaligned schedules? There a few possible actions:

  1. The most obvious: invite a missing person to one of the remeets
  2. Make one of the people optional and allow them to participate asynchronously
  3. Split this topic into two with each of the participants

Team-level availability

You can also see the availability for the whole team at a glance by expanding the existing team availability widget:


Here’s what the complete team availability view for the current week may look like:


You can use next/prev to see the team’s availability for the following weeks:


While Remeet’s dynamic scheduler saves you from the manual labor required to juggle meetings, we recognize that in some cases, you may have to intervene. Wee hope this new functionality will make it easier for you to do so.

Posted by Gene Padaliak
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