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Transparency report

One of the major benefits of Remeet is that it can help support meeting transparency, leading to a more inclusive and cohesive experience for all. Here are a few ways in which Remeet accomplishes this:

  1. First and foremost, topics are transparent by default. Everyone on a team can access topics.
  2. Topics are also recorded by default. Recordings are automatically posted to regularly utilized spaces, for example, to the relevant Slack channel.
  3. Remeet encourages regular and thorough note taking during meetings via optimized UI, as well as timely note-taking reminders, and automatic note-keeper assigns. Notes in transparent topics are easily accessible by anyone.
  4. Remeet eliminates a role of meeting organizer: with Remeet anyone can schedule a topic with anyone else regardless of job title or organizational status.

Even though topics are transparent by default, you can change the topic privacy when creating a topic. In addition to transparent you can pick from:

  • Private, where only team members who were explicitly added to this topic or are members of associated private groups/channels can access or join this topic.
  • Sensitive, which behaves like a private topic, but the meetings are not recorded.
  • End-to-end encrypted, which is like a sensitive topic, but is also peer-to-peer for even more privacy.

Picking privacy when scheduling a topic in Remeet

Transparency report

To encourage more transparent and inclusive meetings, we added a transparency report:

Transparency report sample in Reemet

This report shows:

  • A breakdown of all topics by privacy and specifically a proportion between transparent and non-transparent topics.
  • A breakdown by users. You can see who tends to schedule more transparent vs non-transparent topics.
  • Privacy change over time, so you can track how transparency improves over time.

You can generate the report by clicking on your user avatar and then Reports -> Transparency:

Report menu

We hope that this report will be a useful addition to other Remeet reports:

Posted by Anton Dosov
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