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Tentative remeets and come early to “Say Hi!”

Hi there!

This is our regular update, and we’d greatly appreciate any feedback.

Major updates:

  • Tentative remeets. Last week we introduced the ability to accept remeets partially, and this week we’ve taken it one step further. Now if you need to join an external appointment that partially conflicts with any remeets, you can simply change your availability to Tentative/Maybe, and Remeet’s scheduler will take into account all the conflicting external events on your calendar. This can also be useful when you are onboarding new users — there’s no need to wait for them to accept the remeets as Tentative is the default state for invited people.

    tentative 1

  • Say Hi! What’s better than starting your day by chatting with some of your colleagues? Now there’s a virtual place to enjoy those social interactions. 15 minutes before a remeet, you’ll see a “Say Hi!” virtual room that anyone can join and have a nice chat while getting ready for work related topics. It’s always available, so people can also join during short breaks or right before transitioning to their deep work hours.

    say hi

Small improvements & bug fixes:

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Reduced volume of joined/left sounds
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Add a timestamp of the preliminary agenda on remeets calendar reservation
  • [BUG] The wrong start date is shown for manually scheduled topics

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Posted by Gene Padaliak
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