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Partial rsvp, team picture

Hi there!

This is our regular update, and we’d greatly appreciate any feedback.

Major updates:

  • Partial remeet rsvp. It’s common for people to be available for the majority of remeet’s time, but you may need to start late or leave early. Now you can accept remeet partially, and Remeet’s scheduler will automatically rearrange all the topics based on your availability.

    partial rsvp

  • Team picture. 2020 has been a rough year, and unfortunately, there were no large team gatherings that can be so fun and energizing, and our latest team pictures are pretty dated by now. While we can’t bring those events back just yet, we can still make some cool team pictures. We’ve received lots of great feedback on AI-selected pics for recording thumbnails, and now you can reuse those smiley faces to create a wonderful picture of the entire team. We hope your team picture will look so great that you’d want to print it and send copies to the team. You can locate this functionality in your account menu.

    team picture

Small improvements & bug fixes:

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Automatically end topics when people forget to leave
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Very Urgent topics are not always scheduled at the earliest available time
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Ability to maximize shared screen
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Make optional / make from participant icon menu
  • [BUG] Video starts after a long delay when watching recordings, like 5-10s

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Posted by Gene Padaliak
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