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Backlog report and increased stickiness

Hi there!

This is our weekly update. We would greatly appreciate any feedback.

New features / significant changes:

  • Backlog report. One of the main side effects of effortless scheduling is an increased number of meetings, and with traditional calendars this leads to an overloaded schedule. Remeet addresses this problem by allowing every team member to allocate pre-defined time slots called sync hours for all their topics, and topics never happen beyond those time boundaries. In certain circumstances, it’s possible to accumulate more topics than the allotted sync hours time can accommodate, creating a backlog resulting in longer wait times and impeding the team’s ability to solve problems quickly. Though there are several ways to address these communicational bottlenecks (such as making attendees optional, reducing topic durations, increasing frequency for repeating topics, and improving team alignment on urgency criteria), it’s helpful to get a bird’s-eye view to see how much of the team’s sync hour time is being used. This week we’re introducing a backlog report that shows just that. In the example below, David is overbooked for the next seven days as she has 90 more minutes of topics than sync hours time to accommodate. At the same time Mila still has 765 minutes available that are currently unscheduled.

backlog report

  • Increased stickiness. Remeet’s dynamic scheduling has always outperformed traditional “first come-first served” scheduling by making meetings compete with each other instead of with your ability to do meaningful work. However, topics that are scheduled earlier should still take scheduling priority over those booked at the last minute. To that end, we introduced an age boost several months ago, and now we’re adding increased stickiness for upcoming topics. Now, when Remeet shows that a topic will be scheduled within 24 hours, it’s less likely to be rescheduled. We’ve made some minor tweaks to the scheduling algorithm that should result in fewer last-minute reschedulings. This is an experimental feature that we will be rolling out gradually over the next couple of weeks, if you’d like to try it sooner — please let us know.

Small improvements & bug fixes:

  • [Bug] Fix Slack channels ordering in various places
  • [Bug] Do not auto-invite new Slack workspace members

More updates coming next week. Stay tuned!

Remeet Team

Posted by Gene Padaliak
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