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Meets search, auto-decline, see RSVPs, notes template, and more

March 16, 2020

Hi there,

We released a bunch of Remeet updates this week and would like to summarize the most important changes for you. We much appreciate any feedback.

New features / major changes:

  • Meets search — now you can search meets. We index titles, notes, and transcriptions. Private and sensitive meets are searchable only by those who were explicitly added as required or optional participants.
  • Auto-decline one hour before the all-meets -— if you have no meets scheduled with you, we will auto-decline the all-meets and send you a notification 60 minutes before the start. Previously you were receiving cancelation only about 15 minutes before the start. You don’t have to wait that long anymore. Note that the schedule is still finalized 15 minutes before the start, and you can even re-accept auto-declined all-meets if you need it.
  • See all RSVPs for every week —- we were showing a small widget with accepted/declined users for every all-meets. Now it is clickable and opens a popup with RSVPs for every user. There is also a “View acceptance” menu action on the “All-meets RSVP/manage” screen.
  • Filtering-out all-meets that you have declined -— you will no longer see weekly all-meets that you have declined on the Upcoming tab. You can still see them if you select “Everyone’s meets”.
  • Meet notes template —- now you can create meet notes template for repeating meets. This can be helpful if you have the same agenda for recurring meets. Button to edit template is next to meet recurrence dropdown.

Small improvements & bug fixes:

  • [Bug] Office 365 Calendar users had issues with “All-meets reservation” not disappearing after all-meets were finalized.
  • [Bug] Multi-level bullet/number lists are now working in notes editor
  • [Improvement] Now you can schedule 25, 35, 40, 45, and 50 minute long meets. We still recommend scheduling a series of smaller meets where possible.
  • [Improvement] You can schedule urgent repeating meets. Previously next occurrence’s priority was downgraded to Normal. This is still the case with Emergency meets.
  • [Bug] For meets that aren’t scheduled due to required preparation, we are now showing correct status on slack. Previously it was showing invalid “no matching all-meets” message
  • [Bug] Meets that required preparations sometimes were not scheduled even when everyone was ready.
  • [Improvement] Vertical scrolling for meets that have past & upcoming was improved.
  • [Improvement] Very long meet notes (3000+ characters) won’t be posted to slack channels anymore. You will still be able to see them on Remeet.
  • [Bug] Completed tab wasn’t showing all the meets when filtered by slack channel

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you have problems with any of the changes.

Thank you for continuously providing your feedback. We prioritize our backlog based on how often we hear about the same thing from you.

Remeet Team

Written by Gene Padaliak
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