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We’re resuming our weekly updates! We’d greatly appreciate any feedback.

New features / significant changes:

  • Watchlist. Recordings on Remeet are much better than with traditional meetings as they are very short, on a single topic, and only include people who care about it. However, some of you have just too many Slack notifications about them, and can lose track of what you need to watch. Another problem is that you may not always want to watch recordings as they arrive and would prefer to queue them for later to watch in bulk. Now, when you screen your Slack notifications, you have an option to click “Watch later”. These topics will be added to your Watchlist that you can find on the Completed tab. In addition, topics that you’ve missed (e.g. you were optional) will be added to your Watchlist automatically. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

watchlist add from slack

watchlist ui

Next week we plan to release many improvements related to Small Talks functionality based on your feedback. Please let us know if there’s something crucial for your team that you’d like us to prioritize.

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Posted by Gene Padaliak
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