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New video experience and pinned topics

Hi there!

This is our weekly update, and we’d greatly appreciate any feedback.

New features / significant changes:

  • New video experience. We’ve introduced numerous visual and functional improvements to how video conferencing and screen sharing work. It would be too hard to cover the entire results of several weeks of hard work in just a few sentences so please just give it a try and share with us what you like and don’t like. We are about halfway through what we plan to deliver and will continue working on enhancing this experience for the next couple of weeks. Then we will switch to redesigning some other screens.

new video experience

  • Pinned topics. You can now tell Remeet to schedule certain topics during a specific remeet. This can be useful when you have strong reasons for wanting a topic on a certain day, and don’t want to cause schedule fragmentation by scheduling it manually outside of remeets. This should be used sparingly, as pinning too many or too lengthy or too large topics can have a negative impact on all the other dynamically scheduled topics.

pinned topic

Small improvements & bug fixes:

  • [BUG] Sometimes finished topics were rescheduled to the next day as if they had never happened
  • [BUG] Starting meeting from DM using /remeet now didn’t invite the creator of the topic

Remeet Team

Posted by Gene Padaliak
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