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Increased reliability for poor connection, Small Talks now available to more teams, and more

Hi there!

This is our weekly update. We would greatly appreciate any feedback.

New features / significant changes:

  • Video/audio quality improvements for poor internet connection — our internet connection is not always as good as we want it to be, especially now when everyone is working from home on the infrastructure that is not as reliable as it was in the office. This week we are releasing multiple improvements to help you have a great conversation experience even with a less reliable internet connection:

    • Prioritized audio, and screen sharing over video
    • Prioritized video & audio of active speaker
    • Faster reconnection after network disruption or handoff
    • Ability to manually disable incoming videos
  • The Small Talks feature is now available to more teams — we launched this feature as an experiment last week, and received lots of great feedback from teams who tried it early. Previously, teams were trying to address this need by manually scheduling informal friday/evening/lunch video calls, or intentionally making work meetings longer, or asking people to join earlier. Now, everyone can simply allow Remeet to reuse unused sync hour time and create spontaneous conversation on random topics with colleagues. Based on feedback, we’re now allowing individual users to limit the amount of weekly small talks. There are two customizable limits now: maximum time for small talks (2 hours by default), and maximum numbers of small talks scheduled within a single sync hour (2 by default). In addition, we’ve expanded our list of small talk questions and published it on GitHub — looking forward to your contributions!

Small improvements & bug fixes:

  • [Improvement] Microphone/volume testing
  • [Improvement] Reduce CPU overhead by not processing web socket updates when the browser tab with Remeet is not actively used
  • [Improvement] Postpone sending preparation reminders for postponed sync hours (can be scheduled for 24 hours before)
  • [Improvement] Increased interoperability of Remeet’s calendar invites with older calendar apps
  • [Bug] Android Chrome 81+ participants not able to see videos

More updates are coming next week, stay tuned!

Remeet Team

Posted by Gene Padaliak
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