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Speaking time, hide or blur self view, more noticeable reactions

Speaking time

We show the speaking time in the top left corner for every participant video. It was released as an experiment a while ago, and by now, it has been adopted by the majority of our users, so we have made it available to everyone.

In addition, we introduced a gentle notification that could make it harder to forget that a topic required other people to participate. speaking time

Hide or blur self view

It could be distracting to see yourself talk, so we added an option to either hide your video entirely like in most video apps or blur it (another experiment). You can turn it on in your video call settings in the advanced section.

hide self view or blur self view

Below is how it will look if you choose to blur your self view. There are two advantages of using blur instead of hiding entirely: (a) you can quickly check how you look by hovering over your video element (b) you won’t lose all the functionality we display on top of your video.

background blur

More noticeable reactions

This one is self-explanatory 😀 blur self view animated emoji

In addition, everyone will hear a sound notification when someone uses the ”✋ Raise hand” functionality.

raise hand

Posted by Anton Dosov
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