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Quorum enhancements

Quorum dropdown now allows selecting up to three users who must be available for the topic to be scheduled.

For example, if you always have to be present, but there’s flexibility with the rest of the participants. Just select yourself + at least X in the quorum dropdown:

quorum with creator plus two others

If someone else has to be there in addition to yourself, just make sure they are listed as 2nd participant, and then select them in the quorum dropdown like in this example:

quorum with two people plus one other

You can select up to three participants in the quorum dropdown.

Note: For topics with Quorum, the scheduler is currently biased toward maximizing the number of participants to be invited. This may lead to delays if you invite some busy individuals. If that’s not desirable, make those busy individuals as optional participants.

Posted by Gene Padaliak
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