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Note editor improvements, draft topics, faster ad-hocs

Hi there!

This is our weekly update, and we’d greatly appreciate any feedback.

New features / significant changes:

  • Note editor improvements. We added a new hyperlinks editor, an indicator when someone else is typing while your editor is collapsed, and multiple smaller improvements.
    links editor typing indicator
  • Draft topics. Now when you create a new topic or a follow-up to an existing topic, all the changes are automatically saved. When you are in a hurry and can’t finish writing notes, you can close that topic and return to it later. You can find all your draft topics when you hover on a create a new topic button. draft topics
  • Faster ad-hoc topics. When you need to start an urgent call outside of an remeets, you can do it faster by selecting the new “NOW” button. After entering a topic and selecting participants, you will be auto joined automatically.
    meet now

Small improvements & bug fixes:

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Remeet breaks height is proportional to the duration of the break
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Allow changing topic privacy up until the start
  • [BUG] Can’t schedule a new topic from a Slack thread

Remeet Team

Posted by Gene Padaliak
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